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Telehealth software enables healthcare professionals and patients to manage communication using their hardware, such as computers or digital devices. Software offers convenience, security, and privacy for users – or complications and compromised privacy. When chosen wisely, the right software can facilitate telehealth direct care, teleconsultation with colleagues, remote patient monitoring, diagnoses, teletherapy, and related applications. Telehealth software platforms connect healthcare providers and patients via video or voice calls, mobile apps, or online portals and can be used for real-time or delayed communication styles.

  • Synchronous software (real-time) enables efficient information exchange, real-time clinical decision-making, and direct patient-provider communication, making it ideal for urgent situations, teleconsultation, teletherapy, and telemonitoring.
  • Asynchronous software does not facilitate real-time communication but enables providers to send reminders and other messages without a live session. This type of telemonitoring is popular among specialties that require image or video sharing, such as dermatology, radiology, orthopedics, and ophthalmology.

Key Telehealth Software Features

When evaluating telehealth software for your organization, consider the following essential features:

  1. Video conferencing capability
  2. Secure messaging between patients and if possible, the provider team 
  3. EMR integration
  4. Scheduling 
  5. Remote patient monitoring
  6. Digital therapeutics

10  Telehealth Software Purchasing Tips

I offer the tips below after consulting with telehealth startups for thirty years. Each has a painful story behind it. Just know that purchasing, configuring, and maintaining software is not for the faint of heart or groups with meager budgets. Once working as promised; however, the right software can help you serve people who otherwise would receive little or no care while substantially increasing your bottom line.

  1. Pricing – Only buy what you need. Conduct a needs assessment to determine what your team will use. Avoid the bells and whistles offered by savvy salespeople….

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