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It’s always been my practice to notice “signs” from the “Universe” to guide my self-reflection (and being the person that I am, I’m never NOT in a state of self-reflection).  I know that sounds a little woo woo, and I’m happy to own that but I don’t think it has to be a woo woo kind of thing.  Regardless of whether you believe that these noticings were provided to me by a higher power or not, it’s undeniable that the way we perceive our environment is impacted by our own personal lens.  So If I’m noticing repeated signs as I walk through my life, it doesn’t really matter if they’re coming from my subconscious brain or implanted by a mystical power- either way I’m paying attention.

Sometimes I use oracle cards to help fuel these insights, and sometimes it’s just patterns in what my clients, friends and family are talking to me about.  Sometimes it’s something that pulls up on social media that resonates with me differently than everything else I’m scrolling by.  Could even be a word on a billboard that pulls my attention more than all the others.  I’ve found that noticing these patterns and allowing them takes some surrender and practice on my part, but that’s another blog post entirely.

What’s been coming up for me lately is balance.  I’ve seen the word come up in multiple places, heard others talking about feeling unbalanced after the holidays and recognized this quality of unsettledness in myself as well.  When I think of balance and check in with myself, I notice that I feel it (or a lack thereof) in my gut.  It might land in a different place for you, but it’s worth noticing where you feel it.  

At first when I allow the feeling, my brain wants to judge it.  It’s just my pattern to want to kick myself around a little bit as an initial impulse, I recognize it and am working on it.  I only share this in case you do the same- quiet that inner judgmental voice before moving on, it won’t get you anywhere if you let it rein free.

So once I’ve recognized a “sign,” tuned into myself and removed the yuck of judgement- I can reap the insights that sign can bring for me.  Here’s the insight I discovered around balance:

Balance is a verb.  It’s an active process of constant renegotiation.  It’s not some destination you can achieve and then relax into.  Think perpetual push pull.  In yoga, balancing poses are active and require that you tune into yourself to determine where in your body you can let go and where you need to focus.  Additionally, there’s always some wavering- especially when you’re holding on to balance for longer periods of time.  This is all true in every aspect of the word balance and how it applies to your life as well.  Vigilance is required.  Whether you’re trying to hold a balance pose in your physical body or balance you home and work life- the process is the same.

Sense- Check in with yourself.  Use your intuition and awareness to identify any evidence that you’re out of balance.  Stress, tightness, anxiety, illness, guilt, shame- good or bad, what’s coming up for you?  This is not the time for judgement, you’re just noticing.

Assess- What is out of balance?  What do you need?  What can give a little and what cannot?  How long will you be asked to balance this particular set of circumstances?  

Adjust- Lower expectations, let something go, communicate, engage in self-care- test out some solutions to see how you can make this state of balance even a little bit easier to hold for the moment.  

Repeat- Repeat- Repeat again.

Also remember- given that balance is a verb, and an active process, it’s not meant to be held indefinitely.  We need rest.  We need times without striving of any sort.  If you’re finding your tolerance for balance diminished, then it’s likely time for a break.

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I found some peace in this processing today, and I hope it does the same for you.

Xo- Leah


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