fbpx Breaking down barriers

You’re holding yourself back.  And, the truth is, you are the only thing holding you back.  All of the thoughts you have about what you are or are not capable of- that’s all imaginary.  Fabricated.  Arbitrary limits that you constructed for yourself somewhere along the line that have absolutely nothing to do with reality.  That reality is- you can do whatever you want to do.  What you do with your life has no bearing on your worth, or who you are at your core.  There are people out there living exactly the kind of life you want to live, and doing so with less resources than you have available to you.    

We all have thoughts that need wrangling.  We’re in varying stages of awareness and control over those thoughts and that’s the key difference between us.  Your ability to recognize limiting thoughts, challenge those thoughts and move on with intention is what determines your ability to create the life you want to be living.  Everyone experiences anxiety, scarcity, fear.  Everyone hears negative thoughts running through their minds from time to time.  None of us know what we’re doing, really.  

So why are some people out there killing it, and looking all graceful while they do it?  Well, there are a few factors at play.  The first is that those people tend to recognize that the thoughts stemming from their anxiety, scarcity and fear are BS.  They don’t engage with those thoughts- they can notice when that damning narrative is coming up and intentionally shift to thoughts that serve them better.  They don’t act on insecurity.  When you can see thoughts as reflections of feelings that are arising due to conditioning in your past, you can honor the feelings while choosing not to let them control you.  You can choose thoughts and actions that align with the future that you want rather than the past you’re trying to leave behind.

Another factor at play is an incorrect observer bias- we assume that when we see another person living well that they simply don’t have the same limiting inner dialogue that we have.  We assume the confidence they radiate means that fear and insecurity are lacking in that person.  We see them as categorically different from us.  That’s inaccurate, and that way of seeing things serves to keep us limited.  Assume that everyone you meet is fighting an internal battle, navigating suffering, and doing the best they can with what they have.

One practice that really tends to help with mindset shifting and obliterating limiting beliefs is becoming intimately familiar with your future self.  If you could spend some time imagining yourself at your highest potential- having accomplished everything you want to accomplish, being emotionally and physically well, happy- living your ideal life-  then you would be able to find all of the answers in that person.  When you know that person well, you can sift your interactions through that lens before responding to your environment.  Then when you notice those anxiety, scarcity and fear thoughts arising for you, you can ask yourself- “what would my future self do?” and break the patterns of responding with your past programming.    Over time, the realization sets in that this future self is already you.  You already have all the answers you seek.  You’re not any less qualified than anyone else to create awesomeness, you just had some blockages to accessing your potential.

Cheers to breaking down barriers!


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