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Healthcare marketing is difficult enough for many clinicians, but digital healthcare marketing has become an elusive holy grail. One of the most heavily trafficked keywords on Google, “healthcare marketing,” has left many providers to fall prey to online directory services that can charge from $49 per month to $2500 per year for a digital profile or $10,000 for a simple website. Clinicians are in a bind, needing to develop digital healthcare marketing services to be attractive to healthcare referrals on the one hand while needing to meet consumer demand for patient engagement solutions on the other. In both circumstances, they are often at a loss to find an affordable and reliable vendor to engage for services. Often, such vendors can oversell naive providers on unnecessary bells and whistles. This article is focused on helping the busy clinician understand the demand for digital patient engagement tools to recruit and retain potential healthcare referrals or to retain existing clients and patients.

What Are The Best Digital Patient Engagement Tools To Used for Digital Healthcare Marketing?

Patients typically make healthcare access decisions after comparing provider profiles, according to data from Kyruus in partnership with Wakefield Research. The annual survey of 1,000 healthcare consumers, now in its sixth iteration,  revealed key insights into patient preferences for digital and online presence. Patients want their healthcare providers and payers to be online, to offer online appointment scheduling, and to offer both virtual and in-person care access. Providers who deliver services based on surveys of patient preferences can expect to improve results of healthcare marketing efforts.

Their key Kyruus and Wakefield Research findings for 2022 include the following healthcare marketing directions:

  • The Internet continues to be the most frequently used resource for consumer research year after year in this survey (61%). There’s no escaping the importance of being digitally…

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