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Why we love Accelerated Resolution Therapy as a self-love practice

February is often associated with Valentine’s Day; Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic love. During this month, we focus on showering love on others. Yet, it’s quite common to feel alone or like a failure on this “coupled” holiday if you are unattached. If you are feeling alone, remember that you are still important and unique, whether or not you are in a relationship or not. Take time to honor yourself and practice self-love. If you sometimes feel it is difficult to love yourself, realize that you’re not alone and a self-love practice is a lifelong journey.

Those who are suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, or any number of mental health conditions often feel as though they don’t “deserve” self-love or feel responsible for circumstances that are out of their control. 

As a result, they find it challenging to practice self-respect. Do you struggle with self-love?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I compare myself to others? Do I tell myself I “should” be “further along” in life?
  • Am I a perfectionist? Am I hard on myself when things don’t go perfectly or I don’t perform perfectly?
  • Do I hang around people that make my self-esteem worse?
  • Is my self-talk generally negative and scolding?
  • Do I have difficulty using my voice and asking what I need?
  • Do I recognize my feelings as valid? Do I honor them?

  It’s ok to ask for help or reach out for a “self-love boost.” Often we need help changing our self-perspective.

How does Accelerated Resolution Therapy help with self-love and self-compassion?

Many memories and perspectives you have been holding onto since childhood present themselves as your realities. Many have been in traumatic environments that failed to foster self-esteem or model self-love. You…

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