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Primasun is a newly formed digital care company offering an end-to-end, clinically-supported solution for addressing complex sleep disorders. Formed as a joint venture between ResMed, a global leader in digital health and sleep technology, and Verily, an Alphabet precision health company, Primasun’s offering combines sleep technology and sleep research into one comprehensive digital health platform.

While it’s estimated that up to 70 million Americans are struggling with an undiagnosed sleep disorder, there is only 1 sleep specialist for every 43,000 Americans to help them find and receive care. Despite being described as a public health epidemic by the CDC in 2014, insufficient sleep has a catastrophic impact on people’s health, the workplace, and the healthcare system – much of which can be attributed to limited access to care. 

Through its preventive care model, Primasun works with employers and healthcare providers to identify at-risk populations and connects patients to certified sleep physicians who guide them from diagnosis to treatment in weeks.

“Sleep is the foundation of physical and mental health, and at Primasun, we believe there’s an opportunity to build a more efficient, equitable healthcare solution that helps patients clinically improve their sleep and, in turn, their quality of life,” said Jonathon Lobbins, CEO of Primasun. “We’re proud to offer a solution that lowers barriers to care, empowers patients to take control of their health, and helps reduce poor sleep’s strain on the home, workplace, and healthcare system.”

Primasun provides clinically-supported sleep care technology personalized to patients’ unique health conditions. Championing a preventive care model, Primasun connects patients with certified sleep physicians who diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea, clinically evaluate patients with insomnia symptoms, and sleep coaches who provide guidance to improve sleep hygiene. Primasun supports patients from diagnosis to treatment to pave a more equitable and efficient path to world-class…

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