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My primary goal is developing quick and easy templates for other therapists to use to reduce time spent re-inventing the wheel. All of my documents will be in Word or Excel format which will allow you to easily edit them to fit your needs. I wanted to wait to roll out the website until I had all my paperwork packets developed, however, with the urgent need for telehealth, I decided to get that resource out there at a very low price. Please bear with me as I develop the rest of the packages and join the newsletter for updates when I have new packages to offer.


Telemental Health

Paperwork Packet


The paperwork packet along with helpful links and tips for quickly implementing telehealth in your practice will be in the learning center.

The packet includes 13 documents:

  • TMH Informed Consent
  • Documentation Examples
  • Provider TMH Readiness Checklist
  • Provider TMH Training and Supervision Log
  • Emergency Procedures Example
  • Provider Environment Tips
  • Provider Information Sheet
  • Client Information Sheet
  • Client Screen for Telemental Health
  • Client Best Practices Sheet
  • Client Technology Checklist
  • Insurance Attestation Log
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