Temporary License Application Process – Wisconsin

Applying for a temporary license in Wisconsin:
I thought I would share the steps needed to “see a client over state lines into Wisconsin” since I had to do this today. I will update the post with results.
1) I checked with my liability insurance to verify coverage. – Covered
2) Here is the link for the State of Wisconsin emergency order stating the process for out of state providers to provide services: https://evers.wi.gov/…/EMO16-DSPSCredentialingHealthCarePro…
3) Here is the form needed to apply for an Interstate Reciprocity Temporary License: https://dsps.wi.gov/Documents/fmEO2020-1.pdf
I emailed it, but I will also fax it as well.

4/20 – received an email with my license application number so I can follow the progress of my application (https://online.drl.wi.gov/ApplicationStatus/CredentialApplicationStatus.aspx). I did not fill in the Wisconsin Health Facility information on page 1 and they needed that. I had to put my Minnesota business address on there. Once that was completed, my application was approved and I received my temporary license which expires in November. https://online.drl.wi.gov/UserLogin.aspx

5/30/2020 update:

Just got an email from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services that stated:

“You were granted a temporary healthcare license under Emergency Orders 16 and 20. Licenses must be issued with an expiration date. When the Department granted your temporary license, it issued it with an expiration of November 15, 2020, in order to ensure licenses remained valid throughout the duration of the state of emergency. 2019 Wisconsin Act 185 put these temporary license provisions that were initially created under Emergency Orders 16 and 20 into law. Act 185 also provides that temporary licenses resulting from the public health emergency must expire 30 days after the end of the public health emergency. The legislature did not extend the public health emergency and it ended May 11, 2020. Therefore, your temporary license will expire on June 10, 2020. This temporary license cannot be renewed.

If you wish to maintain your ability to practice in Wisconsin, applications for full licensure may be found at www.dsps.wi.gov. Click “Professions” and select your profession from the list. Each page will contain specific application requirements, materials, and additional licensing information.  If you hold an interstate temporary license, you may be able to obtain a license via reciprocity. Please visit your professions page on our website (www.dsps.wi.gov) to determine if this process can assist you with obtaining permanent Wisconsin licensure.

The Department of Safety and Professional Services will attempt to expedite all applications for full licensure submitted by holders of temporary licenses. To assist in the processing of your application for a permanent license, please submit your application to DSPS@Wisconsin.gov.  To aid in expeditious processing please put Act 185 in the subject line to advise staff that you have submitted a license application and are a holder of a temporary emergency license.  “

I was looking into what that would entail and it appears I would need to complete the main application, get an official transcript sent over, fill out all those class things again, take a Statutes and Rules Examination, pay $137, and get a letter from the state I am licensed in.

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