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Woohoo! You’re absolutely crushing it! We love to see that enthusiasm and dedication. Staying organized and efficient allows you to make even bigger strides. Keep up the awesome work!

If you’re a pro mental health provider wanting to step up your game, or a rookie just getting the hang of it, this is the spot for you. Our digital goodies are here to help control your practice, connect with clients, and maintain your sanity in a chaotic private practice! Get ready for awesome tools and layouts that will take care of client management and project tracking, making sure everything runs smoothly. Now you can relax knowing you have the backup plans to make sure you – and your patients – stay healthy, motivated, and successful.

Enjoy the resources added frequently.


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Who are we?

Leah and Rindie are passionate about removing obstacles to showing up as our whole selves and learning new ways to share our truth with others. 
We're excited to pull together all the information and resources our community need to create just about whatever they can imagine for themselves.

Consider Therapist Resources

You bring the passion; we'll provide the nuts and bolts.