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Need more time to focus on therapy and less on paperwork? Here’s how using the right tools can help you navigate professional requirements with ease – so you can get back to helping your clients. Discover why using these services is the way to go for a stress-free practice.

Discover why using Therapist Resources is the way to go for a stress-free practice.

This can be you!

Stop struggling with paperwork and get back to creating meaningful change. Streamlining your practice can help you save time, energy and stress when it comes to documentation and insurance compliance – freeing up more time to be a therapist.


Taylor our worksheets, journals, and checklists to your needs and use them with your clients.


Cut down on hours spent on documentation. The Telehealth Policy and Procedure Manual can save you 50+ hours alone!


Tapping into our therapist resources will help you simplify your admin tasks.


Comply with insurance company requirements, and leave you more time to focus on the therapy your patients deserve.

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Mental Health Resources
To help all professional counselors in their important work, the American Counseling Association offers an array of free resources.

Psychology Tools: Free Printable CBT Worksheets For Professionals …
Psychology Tools creates resources to improve your therapy and save you time. Download free printable CBT worksheets, handouts, and self-help guides.


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