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Peri Rainbow,MPS

Peri L. Rainbow, MPS, is an author, clinician, educator, activist, and survivor of sexual and physical assault. Her newest book, “#MeToo…Now What? The Safety Factor,” illustrates her struggles and epiphanies in her recovery process and highlights the need for trauma-informed treatment and societal reform. Her book serves as a practical guide for practitioners and those suffering from traumatic events and poses the question: “what happens when society itself is the perpetrator?”

In sharing her story, she recounts a therapy session from her early days seeking recovery from trauma. The session left her feeling triggered and unsafe, and the experience helped her recognize the importance of trauma-informed treatment that she currently uses with her clients.

“Like so many other survivors, though, I was mostly left to figure out things on my own. Thus, I began my personal journey and professional career in the treatment of post-traumatic stress” #MeToo…Now What? The Safety Factor,(p. 69)

Why is Trauma-informed treatment so important?

A Trauma-Informed approach to treatment attends to Internal Safety by reducing the surprises whenever possible and discussing, through psychoeducation, the safe ways someone can respond when feeling surprised.” #MeToo…Now What? The Safety Factor,(p. 81)

Trauma-informed treatment is crucial in protecting patients from retraumatization by creating trust and predictability within the sessions. Feelings of surprise or lack of control can trigger memories of helplessness and make the client feel the event is happening at the moment. This dynamic also contributes to further cynicism over the efficacy of the therapy and will prevent a client from continuing.  Peri addresses some of the trauma-informed checkpoints a clinician must have in place before progressing with treatment:

Establish trust between the patient and practitioner

As Peri points…

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